EP Preview! - Go Nuts

by InFluxx



Check out a track off our upcoming EP, "First In, Last Out"! It's pretty rad!


MC Tai Pwon and M-Cubed
Just here to make you move

When this track drops, you're gonna know us
When the beat drops, just go nuts
If I beatbox, if I screw up,
If I name-drop, just go nuts

Just go nuts (x3)
When the beat drops, just go nuts


Gonna bust up with these deep cuts
Turning tree trunks into tree stumps
Hotter than my girlfriend's double-D cups
Burn you up like acid reflux
When I shout "Duck!", everybody drops
Whether you rock penny loafers or flip-flops
Or even tube socks. Just don't be rude, pops!
Just bang your head to M-Cubed; this dude rocks!
Dropping dubstep at your front desk
Seeking redress? Better regress
Move like air sex 'till you break necks
To the best techno-hop in the ATX


Hey, M, where do you come up with this stuff?
Being good's not even enough. It's tough
To make rooms move, but you do it, dude. What?
Want me to drop more bars on a new cut?
Any day, man. Just let it play, man
I'll make a statement that'll make your brains dance
Guildenstern and Rosencranz
Gonna rise from the grave just for these jams
So I say "Bam!" like Emeril
Get this whole damn place goin' mental
No ray-bans, no benzo
Just me and my MacBook Pro
(Oh, and M-Cubed I guess. Yeah, whatever...)


Just go nuts (x3)
When the beat drops, just go nuts

Make you lose your head 'till your rules are dead
Just being you instead, not the fools you dread
We've got the tools that are said to put tools to bed
Gonna rule and be even crueler than Judge Dredd
Heavier then pure lead, and I move ahead
Gonna pull in the bread with this tune, 'cause I'm well-read
So hey, you! Yes, I'm talking to you, dickhead!
Why ain't you movin'? Haha! Why's your face red?

Gonna make your mommy, daddy, even gramps dance
Hipsters in here like "I can't move in these damn pants!"
Gettin' drunk, tryin' to prance, doing face plants
Shady ladies with tramp stamps hurling on the plants
Tai Pwon bitin' mics like fire ants
M-Cubed's Facebook "Like"s pilin'
Degenerate like I've eliminated myelin
Lose control of your cans, legs, face and hands
And jump around like you can never land, Peter Pan
Even gravity can't bring you down, spaceman
Rapid grand slam rappin' is my game plan
Now let me see them hands! (Yeah!)


released December 19, 2011
Music, SFX, recording and mixing by Mike Stellman / M-Cubed
Lyrics and rap performance by Jackson Pritchett / MC Tai Pwon




InFluxx Austin, Texas

InFluxx is a collaborative effort of rapper MC Tai Pwon and DJ / producer / keyboardist M-Cubed. Fast, witty, and sometimes nerdy hip-hop meets wicked dubstep-, house-, and D'n'B-style electronica, and a fun time is had by all.

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