EP Preview! - First In, Last Out (feat. MC Iambic)

by InFluxx



Check out a track off our upcoming EP, "First In, Last Out"! It's pretty rad!


First in, last out; I talk with purpose
Because ideas that aren't fleshed out are worthless
Took a while to learn this, now it's on the verge of superfluous in my head
I move on to the next lesson instead. Its purpose is
To illustrate the value of volume
Got some words in your gourd? Then I exhort all you
To move past the "Hey, that's a cool idea!" stage,
Put the pen to the page, or, for those of the computer age:
Tap those fingers on them keys, and don't let them freeze
'Till each of those As, Bs, Cs, and Zs are set to please at least you
But don't let others judge yet. Save that for the next step,
Focus on your concept, keep going while you're in the right mindset
Stay at it with your song, or your poem or your story...
No, I don't give a damn if it's corny!
You can worry 'bout that later once you've got it all on paper
If you try to play it safer then your energy might taper
If you wanna make 'em caper like a venue full of ravers on speed,
You best listen to me, 'cause I'm...

First in, last out
Burst in, blast out
Cursed at, cast out,
But on the worst of them, I cast doubt

There're always gonna be the guys who wanna put your work through the car wash
Put the kibosh on it, call it a write-off
Gotta be the kinda guy to let it bounce of
Not quite soft, just strong and resilient
Lights off on the critics. If they're bitchin' they're not with it
Don't look for ass-kissin', just stick to your mission
You make the decision to blow it up
Pretty soon you've got a hundred fans showin' up in your kitchen
Like: "when you comin' out with new material?"
Back of the cereal box lookin' quite ill
Not like the screaming dudes and/or ladies you're hearing
They're raising the ceiling still
And you're just like "get out my house!" to the lot of them
But you can pay for the roof repairs in spite of them
You're like, more well known than Spiderman
Gonna know you from Bangkok to Bethlehem
They'll be sayin' again, and again, and again,
Hey [Your Name Here], I wanna be your best friend!
But be true, don't amend! Stick it through 'till the end!
Now c'mon, M-Cubed, better hit it again, go!

[MC Iambic]
I lost all these days just wastin' away
I knew the right path but yet again I strayed
You'll miss a whole lifetime if you sit and wait
Destiny is your decision; you make your own fate
Imagination is within you, your strength is innate
Elevate and create from the top of your pate
Life's a burden but you can carry the weight
And you can give yourself somethin' to celebrate
I've let myself down and I've let it all go,
But inside me there's golden light waiting to show
Belief goes a long way. You can fall down today
But don't get dismayed, just keep your demons at bay,
And give all those haters nothin' to say
Quit runnin' away! You wanted to play!
This is your home, so raise up your chin
Look high at the sky where your soul's always been
Love is right here underneath your own skin
Doubt yourself and you'll be gone with the wind,
Everything negative is wearing you thin
Got you caught in a spin; don't know where the pain stops and you begin
These sins breathe through you like an evil twin
But don't let it make you falter
Your mind is a sacred altar
Your words can burn like holy water, disarming charm like Harry Potter
So wear that grin, the kingdom of heaven is within you, so you already win.
When you open the gates you know you'll be the...

First in, last out
Burst in, blast out
Cursed at, cast out,
But on the worst of them, you'll cast doubt

[Tradeoff line-by-line, starting with MC Tai Pwon]
If our words don't make you take initiative
At least open your mind and get inquisitive
Creativity can make or break the way you live
Man, I know you're at least a bit inventive
Look at us, droppin' tracks that make the crowd jump
M-Cubed's got the beats with the dubstep bump
Won't go nowhere sittin' there like a lump
Get on out of your chair and shake that rump
Get out your comfort zone
Push your own limits
Don't wait, get goin'!
Not another minute!
Look away from the mobile phone
Get your head in it, be persistent
Gotta let it flow 'till you know you're the

First in, last out
Burst in, blast out
Cursed at, cast out,
But on the worst of them, we'll cast doubt


released November 27, 2012
Music, SFX, recording and mixing by Mike Stellman / M-Cubed
Lyrics and rap performance by Jackson Pritchett / MC Tai Pwon and Eric Welch / MC Iambic




InFluxx Austin, Texas

InFluxx is a collaborative effort of rapper MC Tai Pwon and DJ / producer / keyboardist M-Cubed. Fast, witty, and sometimes nerdy hip-hop meets wicked dubstep-, house-, and D'n'B-style electronica, and a fun time is had by all.

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